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Geek News on the Radio for March 28th, 2022

Dune walks away with 6 Oscar Awards

The movie earned a lot of it’s awards from it’s visuals, and it’s sound.

via The Hollywood Reporter

Army of the Dead wins the Oscar’s new Fan Favorite Movie award

The new category allows Twitter users to vote on their favorite movie. This time, that movie was Army of the Dead.

via Polygon

Marvel is making a Halloween Special

The special will include the character Werewolf by Night, and it will be directed by the composer for The Batman, Michael Giacchino.

via Game Rant

Resident Evil announces a TV show

The iconic horror game series will soon have a show that you can find on Netflix.

via Slash Film

The Walking Dead’s Maggie and Negan get a spinoff

As you would expect, the recently greenlit series will focus about the two characters Maggie and Negan.

via Comic Book

Adam Sztykiel is writing a Wonder Twins movie

Adam Sztykiel also helped to create the upcoming Black Adam movie. Now, he’s working on a movie for the Wonder Twins.

via The Hollywood Reporter

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