Corey Taylor Is Not A Fan Of Streaming

While listeners certainly love streaming music, the artists themselves aren’t big fans. Especially since they don’t receive much in the way of money despite the millions of times their songs are played. Taking to social media over the weekend, Corey Taylor quote tweeted a message from Bruce Springsteen bandmember Nils Lofgren, who complained about how the companies are getting rich while the musicians aren’t paid well. “No one points this out. And while Congress has passed legislation to right this wrong, almost all the streaming services are APPEALING, which means we STILL don’t get paid for our work. But please people, by all means- stream away…” writes the Slipknot singer. According to Taylor, the only way bands make money today is by touring and, to a much smaller extent, selling merchandise, adding in a reply to a comment, “Streaming is pricing artists- old AND new- out of careers.”

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