Dave Grohl Is Shooting a Movie About His Life

Photo Credit: Corey O'Brien

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl is staying busy these days. He’s currently shooting a movie in Los Angeles that follows his life from the early days with Scream, to his time with Nirvana and to his current situation with Foo Fighters. On Twitter, one person wrote: “Went outside to investigate a film crew on campus only to discover that it was Dave Grohl from ⁦@foofighters⁩ who went to AHS and whose mother was an English teacher at AHS. What a treat! Go Atoms!!”

Another person had this experience on an airplane. “Just got on plane to LAX. Guy with a gentle zen vibe quietly sits in seat next to me. Seems very nice. I’m happy, clearly not a chatterbox with braying opinions about politics or cable tv shows. Will be nice, quiet flight. I take a second look. HOLY CRAP! It’s Dave Grohl!”

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