Dave Grohl to Appear on 50th Anniversary Season of ‘Sesame Street’

Dave Grohl will make an appearance on Sesame Street this season for the program’s 50th anniversary. While we don’t know many details concerning Grohl’s episode just yet, we do know that he will be sharing some screen time with Big Bird and Elmo, as well as playing a song for them.
“Dave Grohl was incredible. Thanks for playing with us! A great way to wrap up this week’s shoot,” Elmo’s current puppeteer, Ryan Dillon, wrote on his Instagram, while Sesame Street producer Aimee Blackton shared a photo of Grohl playing his guitar on set.

Grohl has previously spent time with the Muppets, appearing on the ABC mockumentary-style series The Muppets in 2015, as well as making a cameo appearance in the 2011 film The Muppets, as a fill-in drummer for The Moopets cover band.

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