Davie Bowie’s 20-Year-Old Prediction Comes True

While it’s not uncommon for death to elevate a celebrity to a higher level of fame, the 2016 passing of David Bowie has lifted him to an almost god-like status. And this is likely one of the reasons why:

In a 1999 interview with the BBC, Bowie predicted the Internet — which was relatively new at the time — would have a never-before-seen impact on culture. “I think the potential of what the internet is going to do to society, both good and bad, is unimaginable,” he said.

Needless to say, Bowie’s prediction turned out to be accurate. While the singer left the world too early in life, the good news is he lived long enough to see his prediction come to fruition.

What do you predict the next game-changer will be? What would be the hardest thing to deal with if the Internet suddenly went away?

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