Depeche Mode quietly released their best song in years!

Depeche Mode has been making music for decades, and with the release of “Where’s The Revolution,” they may have written one of the best songs of their career. Principle songwriter Martin Gore has been residing in America for years, as has singer Dave Gahan. Like all of us, they’ve witnessed all of the political division and general unrest in our country and in the world.

DM wheres the revolution_5x5

You can tell that this has affected their songwriting when you listen to the new release. This song hearkens back to their early work when they tackled political and cultural issues in songs like “People are People,” “New Dress,” “Everything Counts,” and “Blasphemous Rumours.” When you watch the music video, the imagery is right up there with the artwork on the Black Celebration, Some Great Reward, and Construction Time Again albums.


DM_Vinyl Cover + Digital Cover

I am hearing that the new album Spirit (out on March 17) is more of return to the roots sound for the band. A European tour has already been announced, and they are on the verge of releasing details for an American tour. We will keep you posted!

For now, check out the poignant music video for “Where’s The Revolution.”

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