Fresh X: Death Cab For Cutie “Gold Rush”

Death Cab For Cutie is Back

They have been teasing new music for August, well, maybe that’s when the album comes out – August 17th to be specific. The album will be called Thank You For Today and you can see the tracklist below. They have also shared a new track called “Gold Rush” and it’s very Death Cab. You can also catch them at Red Butte Garden on August 2nd – maybe. It’s sold out, so hit the classifieds. Hopefully, we will have more details about an upcoming album by then.

Thank You For Today Tracklist:

1 I Dreamt We Spoke Again
2 Summer Years
3 Gold Rush
4 Your Hurricane
5 When We Drive
6 Autumn Love
7 Northern Lights
8 You Moved Away
9 Near/Far
10 60 & Punk

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