Fresh X: Kooks “Be Who You Are”

The Kooks have announced a greatest hits album along with a new track “Be Who You Are.”

It’s been eleven years since The Kooks released their debut album, Inside In/Inside Out. Now 5x Platinum, that album landed amid a lucrative period for British guitar music and catapulted the band onto festival stages and front pages around the world. With tracks like “She Moves in Her Own Way” and Naive” finding an instant audience, it also paved the way for three more successful records (Konk, Junk of the Heart, and their more recent release, Listen), numerous awards and nominations, and countless sold-out shows across the globe. Their upcoming The Best Of…So Far album will feature two new songs, “Be Who You Are” and “Broken Vow,” to showcase what’s yet to come from The Kooks.”

The greatest hits…so far album will be released on May 19th.


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