Fresh X: Lorde “Green Light”

Lorde Finally releases a new track!

It’s 2013 and I was splitting my time living between wet of Seattle and the dry Salt Lake when out of the blue this ferocious 17-year-old dropped “Royals” and set the world on fire. Talking with her record label they described her as prolific as she was constantly sending them so many new songs they didn’t know what to do with them. Later that year I was watching Phoenix perform a show and looked over only to see the tall, statuesque Lorde standing 2 feet away from me rocking out, her long curly hair flying in every direction, while politely telling a fan she would sign an autograph after the band finished their set. “I love this band!” She exclaimed.

In a phone interview I had with her a week later she described her love for reading Raymond Carver at 14, which blew my mind. Many things were on my mind at 14, but reading “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love” was not one of them. It’s pretty rare when someone breaks through with a certain intelligence and grace at such a young age and basically becomes one of the biggest stars in the world in 2 years time.

There is no release date for the new album, but it will be called “Melodrama” as she revealed in this Instagram post today.

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