DAN AYKROYD and TOM HANKS dude.  This movie is amazing..

The year is 1987, and the “buddy cop” movie fad is in full force.  Lethal Weapon, 48Hours, Tango and Cash, etc.  So DRAGNET was a natural fit!  Not a reboot, but a continuation of the classic 60’s TV show.  Aykroyd is Sgt. Joe Friday.  The superstar nephew of the original Dragnet star.  His partner is Pep Streebeck.  A classic “no rules” laid back type that we all wanted to be growing up.

They team up to take on the PAGANS, a group of goat worshiping thieves intent on..  doing something..  I’m not really sure I remember what the bad guys were actually trying to do.   But one thing I DO remember, is the RAP!



Keep in mind this was 1987..  Which means they were SERIOUS with this.

The movie has everything man, guns, explosions, car chases, and the some of the best one liners in movie history.  Enjoy!


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