Korn Frontman ‘Got In Trouble’ For Badmouthing Metallica

Don’t talk sh!t!

Here’s a good tip for up-and-coming bands – if a more popular band takes you out on tour, don’t badmouth them in public. Korn frontman Jonathan Davis learned that lesson the hard way the first time he went on tour with Metallica. After Davis cracked on Metallica in an interview, he says the band printed out the quote and put it all over the arena, then confronted Davis about “talking ***t.” Davis says he was ‘intimidated’ at the time but now insists “I love those guys” and says Metallica has been “really, really cool to us”.

Ever get caught talking smack on someone behind their back? Ever catch anyone talking smack on you?

Jonathan Davis is in concert at The Depot on October 10th. Tickets are on sale at Smith’s Tix.

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