Linkin Park Knew “In the End” Was Special

In a new interview with Kerrang!, Linkin Park vocalist Mike Shinoda describes how the band’s single “In the End” was immediately deemed “special.”

“The moment I played that demo for the other guys, they knew that song was special,” says Shinoda. Surprised by the song’s impact, though, Shinoda says, “I don’t think we knew it would be this big, but we knew at the time that it was the most accessible thing that we had done.”

Late singer, Chester Bennington, however, did not have the same reaction as the rest of the band. “Chester always said that he didn’t get it, he didn’t love that song, but… I think he forgot there were moments where he did really understand it,” says Shinoda.

A special boxset edition of Linkin Park’s album Hybrid Theory is out on October 9th.

What is your favorite Linkin Park song? What song feels special to you?

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