Ministry Releases New Video for “Git Up, Get Out ‘N Vote”

Ministry is urging their fans to go out and vote. And they’ve released a new video to push the message.

In a new video for their song, “Git Up, Get Out ‘N Vote,” the lyric video encourages fans to vote however possible by November 3rd. The song originally appeared on the 2012 album Relapsed, but considering that was also an election year…well, it’s still timely.

Along with getting fans to vote, Ministry has also released a new Spotify playlist to listen to while you fill out your mail-in ballot. “The Soundtrack to Your Election” playlist consists of 30 songs chosen by Ministry and its frontman Al Jourgensen. This includes their latest single “Alert Level.”

Jourgensen is currently in the process of working on a new album.

Are you a fan of Ministry? Have you voted yet?

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