New J.J. Abrams Movie “OVERLORD” Looks Scary As F@%#

Hey let’s add some ZOMBIES to World War II!  HOLY S#@%!!!

If you’ll allow me to reveal my nerdiness to a NEW level here, this TOTALLY reminds me of a “book and dice ” game my friends and I used to play called “Weird Wars”.  A world in which the Nazis have used evil science experiments as well as their REAL LIFE quest to use the occult to make their army stronger.

Welcome to the world of J.J. Abram’s OVERLORD!  Which takes place on what appears to be D-Day.  Our hero jumps into France ready to fight some Nazi sumbitches and ends up finding a mad scientist making ZOMBIFIED SUPER SOLDIERS.  Now that I think about it, this was the EXACT plot of G.I. Joe: Rise Of Cobra in 2009.   But I’m guessing this is going to be 999% better.

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