New Music | Spoon “Hot Thoughts”

Spoon announces a new album and share a new track

It’s been 2 years or so since Spoon delivered “They Want My Soul.” That album’s problem was all the best tracks were buried at the end: “Let Me Be Mine” and “New York Kiss.” “They Want My Soul” was an album that didn’t really get a fair shake. March 17th we get the new album, “Hot Thoughts.” Today, we get the title track. It’s certainly more poppy than anything on “They Want My Soul”, but with some of that sweetness, there is a loss of the passion in sincerity I have always enjoyed from Spoon. Perhaps it will have to grow on me or I’ll need to pair like I pair a hamburger with the right IPA to suss out the right flavor. Maybe a little Twenty One Pilots to polish the palate and a re-listen will get me there. Either way, if history repeats itself, it will be the songs that don’t get the spotlight that I’ll enjoy the most, so I’ll set a reminder for March 17th.

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