Paramore & Steph Curry: A ‘Misery Business’ Collaboration

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When Basketball Meets Rock: Steph Curry’s Surprise Gig with Paramore

The world of basketball and pop-punk often seem like distant galaxies, but that’s not the case when Golden State Warrior Steph Curry decides to be part of the universe. Is he a Paramore fan? Well, hold onto your jerseys because it’s a musical partnership that’s been years in the making.

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Curry’s Musical Debut: Not Just a Game Anymore

When Monday night hit San Francisco’s music scene, the audience got a taste of something unprecedented. Curry took to the stage with Paramore, joining them to perform their hit song “Misery Business.”

“You know us and Steph, we go back a few years,” said frontwoman Hayley Williams, delivering a line that hinted at the unseen friendship between a sports icon and a rock band. “Tonight is our reunion,” she elaborated, “Tonight we’re going to sing something together. Listen, from the moment Steph takes the mic, this is no longer a Paramore show, this is a Steph Curry show.”

Now, for those who might not be well-versed in Paramore’s music, this Tennessee-based rock band has been making waves in the industry since 2004. Known for their energetic performances and Hayley’s iconic voice, the connection between Steph and Paramore may appear odd, but it’s nothing short of sensational. Watch a clip below:

The Golden State Warrior: More Than Meets the Eye

Steph Curry’s talents aren’t just confined to the basketball court. With three NBA championships and two MVP awards, the man can perform under pressure. And this collaboration proves that he can rock a stage just as well as he can shoot a three-pointer.

Curious minds must now ponder what other bands have caught the ear of Curry. Will this be a one-time affair or the beginning of a crossover career? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, check out the clip above and make up your own mind.

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