Pearl Jam Celebrates Three Decades of Vs.

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Pearl Jam’s Vs.: A Look Back

Pearl Jam is commemorating the 30th anniversary of their groundbreaking album, Vs.. This album, which followed their debut Ten, solidified their place in rock history.

Special Editions on the Horizon

In honor of this milestone, the band is set to release special editions of Vs. in various formats. The physical re-release, scheduled for November 17th, offers a range of collectible options:

  • A 2xLP Dreamsicle-colored vinyl and clear cassette are available exclusively through the band’s Ten Club.
  • A 1xLP clear vinyl can be found at Target and international retailers.
  • A standard 2xLP black vinyl is available at other retail outlets.

See the full tracklist and preorder here. 


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For those who prefer digital formats, an Atmos Spatial Audio Mix of the album will start streaming on Apple Music from October 20th. Fans eager to secure these collectibles can place their pre-orders, which are currently ongoing.

The 1993 release Pearl Jam’s sophomore album. It boasts tracks like “Daughter,” “Dissident,” and the evocative “Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town.” Watch the video for “Daughter” below:

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