“Stranger Things” Season 2 Final Trailer

The Poplar Children’s Show Returns For a Second Season

Yes, I am in the minority when it comes to this show. I like original made-up things. I am not entertained re-watching repackaged culture. It’s boring for me. But I am a grouch – or so I’ve been informed by just about everyone I know. At one point, someone pointed out that I attended a New Year’s Eve party with one of the creators or producers or something of “Stranger Things.” I am sure they were great and it is certainly an amazing feat that they made something so successful and had it picked up that became a lightning rod to inspire Halloween costumes and some people actually paying for Netflix rather than just “borrow” their friend’s credentials. I haven’t accomplished anything like that.

Also, yes, I watched the entire first season, so I am not just spewing opinion in a vacuum.

I’ve seen both versions of Stephen King’s “It”, “Stand By Me”, “Poltergeist” and the sequels, Goosebumps, War of the Worlds in all incantations, and all the other shows and books that “Stranger Things” appropriate. Also, between “Maze Runner”, “The Hunger Games”, “Divergent” and all the shows of kids doing amazing things while the adults, well, are dumb. I don’t agree that adults are dumb, but I also don’t really care about watching kids do anything. That’s the point, though. This is a show made for kids and that’s fine. Kids probably haven’t seen all the shows I’ve seen and “Stranger Things” could be the gateway to the good and the bad source material, but it is getting old when I am at a party or bar and get odd looks because I stand my ground on this show.

Don’t let my curmudgeon opinion stop you from enjoying the show. It’s just my opinion and besides, I’ll watch it. I do believe that it takes a special kind of asshole to criticize art they haven’t seen or experienced or at least admit they haven’t seen it.

Anyway, “Stranger Things” season 2 hits Netflix in its entirety on October 27th. Also, in the upside down, I like this show.

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