“Top Gear” Returns as “The Grand Tour” and Gets a Release Date

I’m not a car guy.

At least I wasn’t. I’m still not. I am a “Top Gear” guy, which means I can spout off a few cool car starts only because of Hammond, May and Clarkson. Let’s face facts, “Top Gear” was less about cars and more about spectacle, so when the show was cancelled it turned many of us into uncivilised creeps. “Who cares who Jeremy punched or kicked? You’re ruining my enjoyment by firing him. Let him shoot babies. I don’t care. I want my ‘Top Gear’.”

The fact is you can’t go around hitting your co-workers. Although, the “Top Gear” trio did pull a promotion of sorts by signing with Amazon for their new show “The Grand Tour.” Today, we found out that we all have to buy Amazon Prime accounts, if we didn’t already have them, by November 18th. Earlier if you are a Woody Allen fan and want to see his first series, which starts at the end of the month. I wonder if Prime includes free shipping if you order a McLaren P1?

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