U.S. Festival to Become First to Sell Cannibis On-Site

For the first time in American music history, a music festival held inside the United States will allow patrons to use marijuana. It’s no surprise that this first is happening in San Francisco August 9th through the 11th with the Outside Lands festival which will be held in Golden Gate Park. The rules for using marijuana at the festival are pretty simple.

If you want to smoke or vape you’ll be allowed to inside the festival’s designated areas. If you want to eat edibles or drink weed-infused beverages, then you’re allowed to do so anywhere on festival grounds. You can even bring in your own bowls or pipes as long as they’re not made of glass. Performers at this year’s Outside Lands festival include Lil’ Wayne, Paul Simon, The Lumineers, Blink-182 and Imagine Dragons.

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