What the Critics Are Saying About Billie Eilish’s James Bond Theme

Critics have had a chance to listen to Billie Eilish’s James Bond Theme, “No Time To Die,” and so far it’s being said that Eilish’s haunting track is just the right amount of mystery and gives context to the Bond character himself according to The Guardian. With Bond themes over the course of time, they have proven to be a separate entity from the movie itself, oftentimes not making sense like Adele’s Skyfall theme, however, Eilish abandons her electronic production for orchestration on “No Time To Die” in an effort to appeal to movie lovers while complimenting the movie perfectly. The intro gives a hint of the Bond song, “Diamonds Are Forever” while Eilish seems to tap into who Bond is, a dark, complex and tormented man with a cool exterior. “No Time To Die” is the perfect theme song for Daniel Craig’s version of Bond. According to The Guardian, “No Time to Die is a confident, appealing addition to the Bond theme canon.”

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