What was Salt Lake City Like On The Day You Were Born?

The internet is bizzare, right?

I mean I can see everything from  9/11 conspiracy theories, to someones home movies of Disneyland, to classic TV shows, to a Walrus mating with a Volkswagon.  all inside of 7 minutes on Youtube.

But you can also explore parts of your own personal history that other generations would not have had access to.  Stuff like spiting in a cup to learn your family tree, and the entire Mormon community using the internet to trace their roots.

That’s too much for me though..  As I am a DJ, and by nature love to take the path of least resistance, I simply decided to google the day I was born, and added “Salt Lake City” and some cool video came up.  Meaning, I can get a look at what my hometown was doing while I was squeezing my way outta Mom’s lady parts.  (Truth be told I was a C section kid.  so jokes on YOU)

So if YOU wanna know what SLC was doing on November 19th, 1978.  Here ya go.


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