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Dave Grohl’s Favorite Bowie Song

Like many musicians, Dave Grohl grew up a huge David Bowie fan. But which song was his favorite? Grohl says Bowie’s first live album David Live was “on regular rotation in my living room”, and that his early bands would cover “Suffragette City”.

But Grohl picked “Fame” as his favorite Bowie track: “it’s ****ing amazing. The drums, the vocals, the arrangement, the performance. That song is ****ing slimy.” While Grohl and Bowie never collaborated in the studio, the Foo Fighters did get to perform with Bowie at the singer’s 1997 birthday concert at Madison Square Garden. What’s your favorite Bowie song? Why is he so influential for so many artists?

Keith Levene Dead at 65

Guitarist Keith Levene, a founding member of the Clash and Public Image Ltd., passed away in Norfolk, Uk. On November 12, former bandmates Martin Atkins and Jah Wobble of Public Image Ltd shared the news of his passing on social media. Levene died after a fight with liver cancer at the age of 65.

In the mid-1970s, Levene joined forces with guitarist Mick Jones to create an early version of the Clash. Levene left the band before they began recording, but he co-wrote the song “What’s My Name,” which can be found on the Clash’s debut album from 1977. Who is a rock musician you consider influential who has since passed away?

Guitar Smashed On Stage By Kurt Cobain Sells For Nearly $500,000

A guitar played – and smashed – by Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain has been auctioned off for nearly half a billion dollars. The 1973 Fender Mustang was used during Nirvana’s first U.S. tour in 1989 – years before they broke big with “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. Cobain smashed it during a July 9th show in Wilkinsburg, PA.

It sold at last weekend’s ‘Icons and Idols: Rock N’ Roll’ auction for a total of $486,400 – more than twice the expected sale price of $200K. What’s the coolest piece of rock memorabilia that you own?

Nine Inch Nails Headline Joe Walsh’s VetsAid Concert

Nine Inch Nails joined several other Ohio-based artists to raise money for military veterans. The band headlined the 6th annual VetsAid charity concert in Columbus, Ohio – organized by Ohio native Joe Walsh, who also performed a set with the reunited James Gang. Reznor told the crowd he was thrilled to get the call from Walsh: “You don’t understand what a big deal it is for Joe Walsh to be reaching out to me… the first concert I ever saw was him.”

The show raised money for veterans groups through VetsAid. Who are some of the most famous bands and artists from your home state?

Smashing Pumpkins Cancel Show After Billy Corgan Loses His Voice

Smashing Pumpkins were forced to cancel Sunday’s show in Portland, Oregon after frontman Billy Corgan lost his voice. The band announced the show was “canceled due to laryngitis” and said they “look forward to returning to you all next summer.”

Corgan appeared to be losing his voice during last Friday’s show in Seattle. It’s not clear if any shows will be canceled – the next scheduled date is Tuesday night in San Francisco. Ever go to a concert that was canceled after the crowd had already shown up?

Tool Frontman Not Into TikTok

It might not seem headline-worthy that a 58-year-old man isn’t into TikTok – unless we’re talking about Tool’s Maynard James Keenan. The singer shared his thoughts on TikTok during an appearance on the Joe Rogan Podcast: “I won’t be relevant with the Tik-Tokers of the world because it’s just not on their radar…”

Keenan also took a swipe at bands trying to reinvent themselves for the TikTok era: “It turns to desperation very quickly. It reeks. So just maintain your art, dude.”
How did you discover new music when you were growing up?

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