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Music news is not just for aficionados. Anyone can read music news and it’s even better if you can read music.

Panic! Announces Virtual Show

Panic! At The Disco is giving fans around the world the chance to experience their Viva Las Vengeance tour with a virtual concert experience. The show will air exclusively via the social media platform Moment on December 7th.

Tickets for the event can be purchased for just five bucks and the show will be available for replay on Moment for 48 hours following the initial live airing. When was the last time you paid for a virtual show? Was it worth it?

Billy Corgan Has Laryngitis

Smashing Pumpkins’ frontman Billy Corgan has laryngitis. The band had to cancel their show Sunday gig in Oregon as a result of the illness. They made the announcement on social media saying, “It is with great disappointment that tonight’s show in Portland has been canceled due to laryngitis.

William, Jimmy, James and Jeff are deeply saddened but this decision was not made easily and was far beyond their control. They look forward to returning to you all next summer. Refunds will be available at your point of purchase.” Have you ever lost your voice? Did you like not having to talk to anyone or was it frustrating?

Slipknot’s Weinberg Warns Of Hearing Loss

Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg is encouraging fans to wear earplugs. Weinberg says he got a “very quick lesson” in the importance of protection and hearing loss prevention after starting to play live with other musicians.

In a video for the Hearing Health Foundation, he says, “We had a great day jamming, but then the next morning I had no high-end frequencies in my hearing. I thought I honestly lost my hearing altogether, and I was really frightened ’cause I didn’t know how to deal with that. And especially when you’re recovering from major hearing loss the one thing you wanna do to kind of pass the time is listening to music, and you can’t even do that ’cause it’s too painful.”

Weinberg says he never plays without hearing protection now explaining, “It’s not an option. So I strongly encourage you to wear earplugs, do it the right way, and do it intelligently. You can still rock out, you can still play the way you want to, and you’ll be able to play for the rest of your life.”
Do you wear earplugs at concerts? Why or why not?

Paramore Change Artwork for 2013 Album

While fans are excited about Paramore’s upcoming album, there is some buzz around the band’s 2013 release. The cover of Paramore’s 2013 self-titled album has changed on Spotify. The cover originally featured Hayley Williams, Taylor York, and former bassist Jeremy Davis.

Now, the revamped cover features a back-shot of Williams wearing a jacket that reads “Grow up.” “Grow Up” is one of the songs featured on the 2013 album. What do you think this means? Do you think Paramore is planning something for the album’s 10th anniversary, or do you think the cover changed to reflect the band’s lineup?

Smashing Pumpkins Unveil Act 1 of Rock Opera ATUM

Smashing Pumpkins have released the first of three acts of their rock opera “ATUM.” The band released 11 songs, now available to stream. For many bands, 11 is enough for an album.

However, for Smashing Pumpkins, it’s part of a 33-song set to be fully released in April. What are you most looking forward to hearing in this new music from Smashing Pumpkins? How do you think this new music compares to the band’s more classic albums?

Here Are the Rock and Alternative Nominees for the 2023 Grammy Awards

The 2023 Grammy nominations were announced on Thursday, including in the rock and alternative categories! Coldplay’s “Music of the Spheres” picked up a nomination for Album of the Year!

Here are the rest of the rock and alternative nominations:

Best Alternative Music Performance

  • “There’d Better Be a Mirrorball,” Arctic Monkeys
  • “Certainty,” Big Thief
  • “King,” Florence + the Machine
  • “Chaise Longue,” Wet Leg
  • “Spitting Off the Edge of the World,” Yeah Yeah Yeahs featuring Perfume Genius

Our Pick:

Best Alternative Music Album

  • “We,” Arcade Fire
  • “Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You,” Big Thief
  • “Fossora,” Björk
  • “Wet Leg,” Wet Leg
  • “Cool It Down,” Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Our Pick:

Best Rock Performance

  • “So Happy It Hurts,” Bryan Adams
  • “Old Man,” Beck
  • “Wild Child,” The Black Keys
  • “Broken Horses,” Brandi Carlile
  • “Crawl!,” Idles
  • “Patient Number 9,” Ozzy Osbourne featuring Jeff Beck
  • “Holiday,” Turnstile

Our Pick:

Best Rock Song

  • “Black Summer,” Flea, John Frusciante, Anthony Kiedis and Chad Smith, songwriters (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
  • “Blackout,” Brady Ebert, Daniel Fang, Franz Lyons, Pat McCrory and Brendan Yates, songwriters (Turnstile)
  • “Broken Horses,” Brandi Carlile, Phil Hanseroth, and Tim Hanseroth, songwriters (Brandi Carlile)
  • “Harmonia’s Dream,” Robbie Bennett and Adam Granduciel, songwriters (The War on Drugs)
  • “Patient Number 9,” John Osbourne, Chad Smith, Ali Tamposi, Robert Trujillo and Andrew Wotman, songwriters (Ozzy Osbourne featuring Jeff Beck)

Our Pick:

Best Rock Album

  • “Dropout Boogie,” The Black Keys
  • “The Boy Named If,” Elvis Costello & the Imposters
  • “Crawler,” Idles
  • “Mainstream Sellout,” Machine Gun Kelly
  • “Patient Number 9,” Ozzy Osbourne
  • “Lucifer on the Sofa,” Spoon

Our Pick:

Best Metal Performance

  • “Call Me Little Sunshine,” Ghost
  • “We’ll Be Back,” Megadeth
  • “Kill or Be Killed,” Muse
  • “Degradation Rules,” Ozzy Osbourne featuring Tony Iommi
  • “Blackout,” Turnstile

Our Pick:

What do you think of this year’s nominations? Who should have been nominated, but was not?

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