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3-Bit Gamer for May 5th, 2020

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla announced

  • Latest installment in historical fiction Assassin’s Creed series
  • Teased and hinted at in other Ubisoft games, but only recently confirmed
  • New features include viking raids on England, sailing ships around the harsh Norway coast, settlement building, minigames like fishing and flyting (aka Viking rap battles)


Last of Us Part II leaked

  • Hugely anticipated followup to 2013’s groundbreaking game
  • Story, major plot points, cutscenes, and a debug menu were all leaked
  • Comes on the heels of reporting last month that developer Naughty Dog has been widely mismanaging and overworking staff
  • Multiple delays, production snafus, and major attrition in the studio have hampered what should have been a slam dunk sequel

Seinfeld Adventure – The unofficial pitch

  • A 90s-style point and click adventure game that perfectly captures the magic of Seinfeld
  • Creators have decent chops – one has worked on The Simpsons, Adventure Time and Rick & Morty
  • The animation and humor are spot on
  • Creators are desperately trying to get any sort of nod of approval to proceed from Jerry Seinfeld or Larry David
  • You gotta watch the trailer –

Digital Video Game Revenue Hit $10 Billion In March, Its Best Month Ever

  • Sequels are outselling previous games in their series by millions of units
  • Active users in multiplayer games have spiked by millions of players

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