Radio From Hell

Bill Frost on TV for July 11th, 2022

Better Call Saul (Season 6 Pt. 2, Monday July 11, AMC/AMC+)


Chad (Season 2, Monday July 11, TBS)


What We Do in the Shadows (Season 4, Tuesday July 12, FX/Hulu)


How to Change Your Mind (Docuseries, Tuesday July 12, Netflix)


The Bob’s Burgers Movie (Streaming Premiere, Tuesday July 12, Hulu/HBO Max)


Everything’s Trash (New Series, Wednesday July 13, Freeform/Hulu)


Solar Opposites (Season 3, Wednesday July 13, Hulu)


South Park: The Streaming Wars Pt. 2 (Movie, Wednesday July 13, Paramount+)


101 Places to Party Before You Die (New Series, Thursday July 14, TruTV)


Resident Evil (New Series, Thursday July 14, Netflix)


FBoy Island (Season 2, Thursday July 14, HBO Max)



Victoria’s Secret: Angels & Demons (New Docuseries, Thursday July 14, Hulu)


Persuasion (Movie, Friday July 15, Netflix)


The Rehearsal (New Series, Friday July 15, HBO/HBO Max)


Nikki Glaser: Good Clean Filth (Standup Special, Saturday July 16, HBO/HBO Max)


Blood & Treasure (Season 2, Sunday July 17, Paramount+)


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