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Geek News on the Radio for August 1st, 2022

Star Wars: Andor gets a trailer, and a release date

Unfortunately the premiere for the show was delayed from August 31st, to September 21st.

via The Verge

Max Headroom is coming back on AMC

Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah’s company SpectreVision announced their plans to bring the bizarre and iconic series back.

via VanityFair

MGM Loses the rights to Tomb Raider

The film rights to one of the most iconic video games, Tomb Raider, expired which lead to a huge bidding war.

via Winter is Coming

Ben Affleck is coming back as Batman in Aquaman 2

Jason Momoa recently announced that the  fan favorite Ben Affleck would be playing Batman instead of Michael Keaton due to scheduling changes.

via MovieWeb

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