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Geek News on the Radio for August 18th, 2022

Wednesday (Addams Family) coming to Netflix

One of the most classic family in horror is back, directed by Tim Burton! Following Wednesday Addams. Notably this version of Gomez looks near exact as the original Gomez in the comics. This is the version of the Addams family we’ve all been waiting for since it’s conception. Breaks my heart to say there’s no release date other than fourth quarter of this year.

via Vanity Fair

Cabinet of Curiosities coming to Netflix

By the master of horror film director, Guillermo Del Toro. Get more than a glimpse of the dark nightmares, and delighted violence. Set to premiere October 25th. I know this is what I’ll be watching on hallows eve.

via Variety

Superman and Lois updates

Not even a month removed from Superman and Lois season 2, and WE WANT MORE. We’ve already got a hint at a release date, and more.

via BamSmackPow

Disney’s ‘Big Thunder Mountain’ ride is being turned into a movie

Disney will always have a movie to make about, because they have so many rides to ride! Are you skeptical of that statement? It’s okay if you are, but just remember that Pirates of the Caribbean was ‘just a ride’ too.

via EliteDaily

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