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Geek News on the Radio for February 27th, 2023

Roger’s the Musical

The terrible stage play in ‘Hawkeye’ aptly named “Rogers the Musical” is real, and you can see it in California Adventure. Read more here!


Warner Bro’s to make more Lord of the Rings movies

Keeping a scorecard of all the Lord of the Rings properties is difficult enough already. Warner Bro’s is attempting to milk what they can out of the franchise. Read more here!


Prequel to the “IT” Movies

“Welcome to Derry” is the title. It will stream on HBO Max as a television series Read more here!


Final Season of The Umbrella Academy

David Cross joins the cast as “Side Grossman.” Read more here!


Picard Season 3 Premiere

As with most dealers trying to get you hooked, the first one is free. This one specifically one Youtube.

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