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Geek News on the Radio for October 5th, 2023

Thanksgiving Trailer

This year, Thanksgiving is a “killer” time.


Jurassic Park Lego Remake trailer

The classic film is brought back to the big screen….through Legos.


Behind the Attraction Season 2 on Disney+

Have you ever wondered what happens at Disneyland, but behind the scenes? Well here you go!


Nun 2 first 8 minutes on Voodoo

The long awaited film is now out ! And you can watch the first 8 minutes on Vudu! If you don’t have that, watch the trailer here!


Patrick Stewart new book about career and life “Making It So

Making It So

We all know Sir Patrick Stewart and what an icon he is. Well, now he has a memoir coming out to fill you in on everything that makes him so iconic! Read More Here! 


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