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Radio From Hell Wellness Check for November 8th, 2022

How to eat Seasonally

Seasonal food is food that is purchased and eaten on or near the time of harvest. In our modern world we have quick and easy access to many foods regardless of where or when they are typically harvested. The ease of buying avocados (among other things) year round is very appealing, so why would we want to bother with eating seasonally?

When foods are seasonal they are typically

· Less expensive

o You can usually tell what foods are in season because the price is lower

· Fresher

· Better tasting

Not only is the food of higher quality, it can also be beneficial to the economy and to your overall wellbeing. Eating locally harvested foods can have the benefit of

· Supporting your local community and economy

· Directly supporting local farmers

· You know where your food comes from and how it was grown

· It helps the environment

o Less food transport means less use of fossil fuels

o Less food processing and fewer preservatives since the food does not have to travel as far. You can find local and seasonal foods by partnering with a local farm co-op or local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). You can learn more about seasonal foods by going to Seasonal Food Guide. Org.…


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