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Tech Talk with Johnathan Deesing for April 18th, 2023

If you’re not tired of zombies yet, Dead Island 2 is out this week

  • Smash zombies’ heads in an outbreak in LA and San Francisco
  • Craft weapons and addons and then inflict gruesome, gory deaths
  • Out this Friday on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC


Similarly, if you aren’t overloaded on Star Wars, Jedi: Survivor is out next week

  • The story picks up 5 years after the conclusion of the last Jedi game, Fallen Order
  • Dual wield lightsabers or even use Kylo Ren’s crossguard lightsaber
  • Travel freely between multiple planets, solving puzzles as you try to protect the few remaining Jedi
  • Out next Friday on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC


Are you a 90s kid nostalgic for the OG social media that was Geocities? Try Neocities

  • Just like the original, Neocities allows users to create their own websites for free
  • Except from before Yahoo! came in and ruined it


Makita has rolled out a portable, rechargeable microwave


And this week’s dumb timesink to do at work is Whichipedia

  • Guess which Wikipedia page will be longer between two random selections
  • You will definitely be surprised about how long some pages are
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