Tech Talk with Jonathan Deesing for August 2nd, 2022

Remember when I talked about that game Multiversus that lets you fight Batman as the Iron Giant? Well apparently it’s really good!

    • By some metrics is already being considered the most played fighting game of all time
    • Free to play side scrolling brawler where you’re mostly playing 2v2
    • Rolling out new characters all the time – Gandalf, Eleven, Gizmo from Gremlins…
    • Available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC

Looking for something to do but don’t want to leave your couch? Why not virtually tour the Pokemon Fossil Museum in Japan?

    • The National Museum of Nature and Science in Japan has expanded its Pokemon Fossil Museum exhibit with a virtual option
    • Can also be explored in VR
    • Real dinosaurs are mixed in with the pokemon fossils, so you might accidentally learn something too!

If you’re one of those people who’s always trying to read more, give this book recommendation engine a try!

    • Recommend me a book dot com – all one word
    • This site lets you read the first page of a random book and if you’re interested, you can choose to reveal the title and author of the book
It’s not infrastructure week yet, but let’s talk about trains and how far a 5 hour train ride can take you in Europe



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