Tech Talk with Jonathan Deesing for August 31st, 2022

3 bit gamer
Since the Artemis 1 launch was delayed, fill your moon downtime listening to the original Apollo missions
  • Apollo in Real Time lets you listen to the Apollo 11, 13, and 17 missions in real time with annotations!
  • Start at the beginning or join in “live” during the current time of day as the mission
  • Includes video and photography at appropriate moments during the missions


Splatoon 3 is out this month and if you love ink-based combat, you should probably get it


But the real multiplayer game I’m loving right now is free-to-play Rumbleverse
  • A melee combat battle royale with giant goofy wrestlers beating each other senseless
  • Think WWE meets Fortnite (from the guys who publish Fortnite)
  • It’s free to play on PC and all consoles, along with crossplay, and is much better with a friend!
  • Without guns, it’s much more forgiving than other battle royales


I know I talk about maps a lot, but Old Maps Online is the granddaddy map of them all!
  • Old Maps Online lets you browse a database of old maps from all over the world
  • Zoom into a place on the map–any place–and you’ll see a list of every map they have for that area, sorted by date
  • Try somewhere else outside the United States to get into some really cool map collections


Hasbro is letting you put your face on a Ghostbuster, Power Ranger, or G.I. Joe
  • You’ll need to download the Hasbro Pulse App and upload a selfie, expect to pay around $60 for your figurine
  • Is supposed to launch this fall, and you can sign up for their mailing list to learn more
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