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Tech Talk with Jonathan Deesing for January 10th, 2023

Google Stadia will shut down all its services this week–mourn them in the Google Graveyard
  • Google Graveyard lists all 280 products that Google has launched and then quietly killed 
  • Scroll for a minute or two, you’ll probably find a product you used to love 
  • Google’s internal culture of exclusively rewarding managers for new product launches guarantees they only ever do that–launch 


Got a small bladder? Check RunPee before your next trip to the movie theater
  • A person from the app watches and reviews new movies for their best times for a pee break
  • The app runs only in dark mode and will notify you discretely 30 seconds before it’s a good time to run to the bathroom
  • It is $.99/month but you can also earn “peecoins” somehow


Stuck in the January doldrums at work? FoldnFly will help you fold the perfect paper airplane
  • Features dozens of easy to follow paper airplane designs to wow your coworkers
  • Rated by difficulty, distance, and number of folds
  • Your boss will be very impressed and probably promote you


I know you’re shopped out, but Best Time to Buy is still worth a look
  • BTTB offers data on a huge list of popular consumer items like refrigerators and tires and the optimal time to buy them
  • Browse by date or filter by item, or even sign up for an email reminder each month of the items to consider buying


And for your super dumb internet thing of the week, try PointerPointer
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