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Tech Talk with Jonathan Deesing for January 23rd, 2024

Ever thought the Pokemon games needed more guns? Palworld has you covered

  • Pokemon meets survival crafting in a massive 3D open world
  • Capture Pals and explore a bunch of islands as you build a base and set your Pals to work
  • Oh and did I mention you can play this with 31 of your friends?
  • Out now in early access on Xbox and PC


Grab your scimitars, Prince of Persia the Lost Crown is out now


It’s time to step up your emoji game with Emoji Kitchen

  • Mix and match just about any two emojis, then just click on it to save the image
  • Quickly download emojis and text away!
  • Great for chat apps with custom emojis


Here’s a cute little 8bit background for your extra monitor


Use Click the Colour to wake your brain up this morning
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