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Tech Talk with Jonathan Deesing for March 21st, 2023

The 3-bit Gamer Show is fundraising for trans youth in Utah
  • Feel bad about playing Hogwarts Legacy? Quantify that guilt into a donation!
  • We wanted to support our local game devs but we also want to show support to our trans and queer listeners
  • Check out Encircle SLC, which hosts speaker nights, friendship circles, family dinners, and more


Did Netflix already cancel that show you’re getting into? Check first with Is it cut short?
  • The database is small and focused on newer shows
  • There are 541 shows on the site currently and the list is growing rapidly – was just under 100 last week


Have you ever felt like watching Star Wars from the top down?


Forget emojis, symbols are still hip!
  • FancySymbol dot com has fancy text generators and sorts symbols by type
  • Type upside down! Make fancy letters! Put your name in the stars!


If you love watching people lose their limbs, check out the Resident Evil 4 remake
  • Rescue the president’s daughter from a creepy cult in Spain in this remake of the GameCube classic
  • Over the shoulder 3rd person shooter with slower, scarier action fighting weird bioweapon zombie monsters


And since we’re on the topic of mangled limbs, allow me to show you One Tiny Hand
  • It’s exactly what it sounds like – photoshopped photos of celebrities with one tiny hand
  • At least one of these will make you laugh


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