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Tech Talk with Jonathan Deesing for March 5th, 2024

If you love poker, you’re gonna love Balatro
  • A poker-themed rougelike deck builder that never gets old
  • Upgrade your deck with unique abilities and cards to score ever higher points
  • If you lose, you start back over at the beginning, but more cards may be available
  • Available now on everything, likely coming to phones soon
The 25 year wait is over! Outcast: A New Beginning comes out this month
  • A very long awaited sequel to 1999’s beloved adventure game Outcast
  • Play as a Navy SEAL resurrected on a planet in a parallel dimension
  • Fly your jetpack around exploring an open world and interacting with the local fauna
  • In the last game you were a savior–who knows about this time around?
  • Out March 15 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC
Get your opinion on random crap heard on Rank a Day
  • Every day a new subject is dropped with a simple ranking system where you choose your top 3
  • What is the best Disney animated film? What is the best cheese?
  • Vote (or don’t) and check out the results from the past rankings!

Know before you go to London with Pint Prices

High five a stranger across the world with High Five Me
  • It can take a while, but it’s cool when the slap comes from across the world
And for your dumb time waster, here’s Goths Up Trees
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