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Tech Talk with Jonathan Deesing for March 7th, 2023

3 bit gamer
If you have Netflix, a phone, and time to kill, try Tomb Raider Reloaded
  • It’s Lara Croft in Name Only, but this game takes an addictive mobile game and removes all the monetization
  • Top down game where you move the character around and she automatically shoots whenever you stop moving
  • Free for all Netflix subscribers on iOS and Android
Skål! Viking survival game Valheim is coming to Xbox this month
  • Cut down trees, mine ores, and fight mystical enemies in Odin’s secret 10th world
  • Crafting items and build epic viking castles with up to 10 friends on a shared server
  • Out on all Xbox platforms March 14


For every purpose you’d ever need a random list, has you covered


Have you ever wondered how many Utahs would fit in Mongolia? (it’s about 7)
  • The True Size dot com lets you see how states and countries compare to each other
  • Simply search your state/country of choice and drag it where you want on the map
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