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Tech Talk with Jonathan Deesing for November 14th, 2023

Turn any movie scene into a Michael Bay scene with Needs More Boom
  • Enter any movie scene and wait…
  • You’re sure to love the results as your fav movie scenes get even more explosions
A cult classic gets a makeover in Super Mario RPG
  • Fans of the cult classic SNES game are finally getting some attention from Nintendo
  • A top-to-bottom recreation of the 1996 classic, which saw Mario follow a traditional JRPG format
  • Assemble a party of unique Mario characters to engage in turn-based battles
  • Out this Friday on Nintendo Switch
In due diligence for parents everywhere, I have to report there’s a Bluey Video Game
History buffs will love Last Train Home
  • A historical fiction real time strategy game
  • Control soldiers from the Czechoslovak Legion who are trapped in Russia during the Russian Civil War
  • Protect your train and the railroad as you push eastward on the Trans Siberian Railroad
  • Out next, next Tuesday on PC
In case you didn’t know, NASA has its own ad-free streaming service, NASA+
  • Browse by series or topics, including thousands of hours of free content
  • Available on phones, but not yet on Roku or Smart TVs
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