Radio From Hell

Tech Talk with Jonathan Deesing for October 31st, 2023

Ever wondered how long it would take a million monkeys to type something?
  • Wonder no more, with Infinite Monkeys
  • Enter any text and select a number of monkeys to do the math
  • The site assumes a constant rate of typing at one key every 0.5 seconds, without interruption
What ever happened to LaserDiscs? Visit the Museum of Failure to learn more
If you liked flipbooks as a kid, you’ll love this animated gif maker
Feel like being an agent of chaos? Then try this RickRoll shortener
  • Any link you shorten has a 50% chance of linking to Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up
Someone made a corporate website for the company from The Fugitive, because why not?
And finally, your weekly work distraction, a stained glass window maker
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