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Tech Talk with Jonathan Deesing for October 3rd, 2023

Go on an old-timey adventure with The Lamplighters League
  • Recruit a team of scoundrels in the 1930s to stop an ancient cult from world domination
  • Pick your agents, customize perks, and plan your tactics to defeat enemies
  • Turn-based combat makes for strategic and cinematic battles
  • Out today on Xbox and PC
Roll up your sleeves, it’s time for killin in Assassin’s Creed Mirage
  • Set in 9th century Baghdad, you play as a street thief rising through the Assassin’s guild
  • A shorter, more digestible game than past entities, focused on the original’s gameplay and storytelling
  • Out this Thursday on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC
  • If you’re on PC, make sure to try out Ubisoft+ for $15 to play their entire library!
Get ready gumshoes, Detective Pikachu Returns
  • The sequel to 2016’s 3DS game in which you work with a talking Pikachu to solve mysteries
  • Run around solving clues, investigating crimes, and talking to Pikachu
  • Out this Friday on Nintendo Switch
Forza Motorsport might just be the coolest and sexiest racing sim ever
  • The latest and greatest from one of the best racing sims in the business
  • Boasting over 500 vehicles (100 of which are new to the series) and 20 locations
  • Features an all new blind driver assist, which lets fully blind players enjoy and excel at the game
  • Out next Tuesday on Xbox and PC
Browsing the internet is getting more annoying and this person proved it
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