103-Year-Old Red Sox Fans Chugs Beer after Beating COVID-19

A 103-year-old Red Sox fan who beat COVID-19 celebrated by chugging a Bud Light. Jennie Stejna, a resident of a Wilbraham, Massachusetts nursing home, tested positive for the virus earlier this month. Things got so bad at one point that her family members were summoned to say their final goodbyes, says Stejna’s grandson, Adam Gunn.

He says he asked her if she was ready to go to heaven, and Stejna replied, “Hell, yes!” But Stejna’s entrance through the Pearly Gates was put on hold and she recently tested negative. To celebrate, her family caught her on video cracking open a beer and downing it. When asked how she liked it, Stejna replied, “It’s cold.” Do you want to live to 103? Will the average life expectancy keep getting longer as time goes on, or will it have to level off at some point?

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