228 Ohio State Students Suspended for Violating Restrictions – before the Semester Even Began

When the fall semester began at Ohio State University on Tuesday, classrooms were at least 228 students short. That’s how many were suspended for violating coronavirus restrictions before school even resumed.

The students, who were among thousands who moved back to the campus on August 12th, were suspended for failing to practice social distancing, wear masks or observe the university’s ban on gatherings of more than 10 people, says Melissa Shivers, VP of student life. “Perhaps knowing about the action we are taking will influence your decisions and prompt you to encourage others to take this situation seriously,” Shivers says in a letter sent to students. “And remember that this is all about more than the individual. We have one shot at this — responding to what so many of you asked for: an on-campus semester at Ohio State.”

With nearly 70,000 enrolled students, Ohio State University is one of the largest schools in the United States.

Compared to other grade levels, would you say college students are most likely to violate coronavirus restrictions? Why are universities reopening when the pandemic isn’t under control?

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