3 Mysterious Objects Sighted Over Las Vegas

Someone call Tom DeLonge! Proving not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, a video taken in the gambling mecca has gone viral. The stars of the clip? Three glowing UFOs. The video begins with typical tourist shots of Vegas landmarks and the clear nighttime sky before a blue glowing object flies into the frame. Two more follow as the person taking the video can be heard freaking out. Within 43 seconds, the objects are gone.

While no official explanation for the phenomenon has been given, YouTube viewers seem to know exactly what they’re looking at. One says the objects are “individual delivery pods — speedy express.” Another agrees, adding, “Or rapid transit for special ‘passengers.’ Sticking the landing at those speeds would be quite a wrench on unprotected/unadapted humans.” And still another points out that “identical UFO fleets” have been seen over Utah and North Carolina.
What do you think the blue lights are? Have you ever seen something you couldn’t explain?

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