45 Trucks Knocked Over by 99 mph Winds in Utah

Hurricane-strength winds caused chaos on Utah’s roadways Tuesday, flipping over dozens of tractor-trailer rigs and toppling trees and power lines.
The winds, which reached 99 miles per hour, prompted Governor Gary Herbert to declare a state of emergency. The Utah Highway Patrol warned motorists, “If you’re stuck in traffic, do not exit your vehicle due to flying debris.” As many as 45 semi-trucks ended up on their sides, which Lt. Governor Spencer Cox says is “a record number for our state.”

The winds also left more than 110,000 homes and businesses with no power. Although officials say it likely won’t be restored for at least 72 hours, the good news is residents probably won’t need to turn on their air conditioners. The winds also drove down the temperature, going from 93 degrees on Monday to 55 on Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service.

What’s the worst kind of storm you’ve dealt with?

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