Abandoned Raging Waters Is Depressing

Back in 2018 the partnership between Seven Peaks and Salt Lake City ended and the park has fallen into, well, a mess. I think back about all the good times on the H20 Roller Coaster and hanging out in the Wave Pool and it’s really sad to see what was once such a fun place in such disrepair in this video that was shot in May of this year.

According to an article on ABC4 in 2019, a company called Blue Island has taken over the property and their spokesperson at the time said that they “have big plans to renovate the park into a destination resort with new pools, slides, restaurants, retail space, and even the world’s longest lazy river. They envision it as the Disneyland of waterparks, but they need the city’s help to get a loan for the estimated $20-25 million it would cost.”

The park was planned to undergo renovations this year and open in 2021. However, the last post on their Facebook page was from May in 2019 and that was a change of hours, and clicking on their website,, leads to a dead webpage.

As of this posting, I can’t seem to find out any more information regarding what is going on with the property or what has become of Blue Island Resort as a company. Perhaps the pandemic has done them both in.

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