Are Non-Drinkers More Likely to Get Dementia?

A new study says you might need to be at least a moderate drinker to lower your risk of dementia.

Past research found that heavy drinkers have an increased chance of developing dementia later in life. The new study indicates middle-aged non-drinkers were 50 percent more likely to get dementia. The British study followed people who were 35 to 55 years old in the 1980’s and checked in on them for over 30 years.

People who didn’t drink for 10 or more years in that time span were at a higher dementia risk. As with most studies like this, there are always variables and exceptions. It doesn’t necessarily mean non-drinkers need to start so they can avoid dementia issues.

So cheers! It’s 5 o’clock everywhere for your brain!

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