Atlantic City Repeals Public Drinking Law in an Attempt to Boost Business

Once the go-to place for summer vacations, the Atlantic City Boardwalk in recent years has seen a drop in its attendance numbers — and the coronavirus pandemic has only made it worse. So the city has come up with a plan to bring tourists back: they’re giving them booze.

Effective Friday, Atlantic City’s longstanding law that prohibited open containers of alcohol on the boardwalk is history. The change came about earlier in the week when Mayor Marty Small issued an executive order repealing the law.

For the bars and restaurants that populate the beachfront boardwalk, the change is a welcome one. “It’s the Bourbon Street vibe we’re going for,” says eatery owner Pat Fasano. “Having the ability to sell drinks to go is definitely helpful because who’s in the bars now? No one. You go from 100 to zero during the pandemic.”

Is this a good idea with the coronavirus still looming? Is it wrong for Atlantic City to encourage people to put themselves in a potentially dangerous crowd?

What’s one place in Salt Lake you’d like to see this happen? One street?

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