Australian Police Charge 24 People with Deliberately Lighting Bushfires

As the Australian bushfire continues to destroy homes and lives across the country, police have charged 24 people for allegedly intentionally setting some of the fires. The New South Wales Police Force said they have charged more than 180 people for 205 different bushfire offenses since November. From the 180 charged, you have 24 accused of deliberately setting fires, 47 accused of tossing lit matches or cigarettes and 53 people who didn’t comply with a total fire ban. 40 of those charged are under 18. If convicted of the charges, it’s 21 years for starting a bushfire and being reckless with it, 25 years for property damage and 25 years for manslaughter. More than two dozen lives have been lost and estimates are anywhere between 500 million and 1 billion animals are reported to have been killed in the fires.

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